Update: Thousands Expected to Attend North Country Goes Green Irish Festival This Weekend 🍀

Watertown, New York is buzzing with excitement as the 36th Annual North Country Goes Green Irish Festival kicks off. From Friday, March 15, through to St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17, the festivities are in full swing at the historic Dulles State Office Building.

A Celebration of Irish Culture and Heritage

The North Country Goes Green Irish Festival has become a beloved tradition, drawing locals and visitors alike. Here’s what you can expect during this spirited weekend:

1. Day 2 Draws a Crowd

On Day 2 of the festival, the Dulles State Office Building was abuzz with energy as families, friends, and community members gathered to celebrate all things Irish. The vibrant atmosphere, live music, and camaraderie set the tone for an unforgettable weekend1.

2. King of Beards Crowned

As part of the festivities, the 2024 Donegal “King of Beards” was announced. Troy Phillips claimed the title, adding a touch of whimsy to the event. The winner was selected by a panel of five, and his impressive beard stole the show2. It’s clear that facial hair enthusiasts had a blast!

3. Music, Dance, and Merriment

From traditional Irish tunes to lively jigs, the festival boasts an array of performances. Dancers twirl, bagpipers play, and laughter fills the air. Families gather, friends reunite, and strangers become friends as the spirit of St. Patrick envelops the city.

4. Food and Craft Vendors

Explore stalls offering delectable Irish fare—think corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and shepherd’s pie. Additionally, local artisans showcase their crafts, from Celtic jewelry to hand-knit sweaters. It’s a feast for the senses!

5. Raffle and Prizes

Throughout the weekend, festival-goers have the chance to participate in the Irish Festival Raffle. Prizes include a trip for two to Ireland, a 49” HD TV, a gas grill, and more. The anticipation builds as the final drawing approaches.

6. Flag Raising & Opening Ceremonies

Join the crowd next door to the State Office Building at Watertown City Hall as the festival officially opens. The Irish Flag will be raised, and special thanks go to the Ancient Order of Hibernians – Msgr. James Ruddy Division for leading the ceremony.

7. Little Miss Ireland Pageant

Young ladies in grades 1-4, of Irish descent, participate in the Little Miss Ireland Pageant. The event showcases talent, poise, and Irish pride.

8. Donegal Beard Contest

Go Donie! The Donegal Beard Contest judging takes place on the 11th floor. Participants proudly display their rugged facial hair.

9. Miss Ireland Pageant

Young ladies between the ages of 16-20, also of Irish descent, compete for the title of Miss Ireland 2024. Elegance and grace take center stage.

10. 35th Annual Shamrock Run

Runners and walkers can participate in the 5K Shamrock Run or the 2.2 Mile Walk. Lace up those sneakers and embrace the festive spirit.

11. Children’s Room

The Children’s Room offers crafting activities, games, and new additions. It’s a delightful space for young festival-goers to explore and create.

Where to Join the Fun?

  • Location: Dulles State Office Building, Watertown, NY
  • Time: The festivities continue throughout the weekend, culminating on St. Patrick’s Day.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Organizers have implemented safety protocols to ensure a joyful yet responsible celebration. Visitors are encouraged to follow guidelines and enjoy the festivities while prioritizing health and well-being.

So, whether you’re Irish by birth or Irish at heart, grab your green attire and join the revelry. Sláinte! 🌟🎉