Top 7 Tricks for Making Saint Patrick’s Day Very Special

Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrated every year on March 17th, is a cultural and religious holiday originating from Ireland.

It’s a day to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and celebrate Irish culture and heritage. Making this day special and unforgettable can add a touch of magic to your year. Here are seven tricks to help you do just that.

Top 7 Tricks for Making Saint Patrick’s Day Very Special

  • Trick 1: Themed Decorations
  • Trick 2: Traditional Irish Food
  • Trick 3: Irish Drinks
  • Trick 4: Dressing Up
  • Trick 5: Saint Patrick’s Day Games
  • Trick 6: Learning about Irish Culture
  • Trick 7: Community Involvement

Trick 1: Themed Decorations

Creating the right atmosphere is a crucial part of any celebration, and Saint Patrick’s Day is no exception.

Themed decorations can transform your home into a festive space that embodies the spirit of this Irish holiday. Start by choosing a color scheme inspired by the Irish flag—green, white, and orange.

Decorate your space with shamrocks, a symbol of Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day. You can make paper shamrocks to hang on the walls or use shamrock-shaped confetti.

Saint Patrick's day Themed Decorations

Leprechauns, another popular symbol of this holiday, can also be incorporated into your decorations. Consider using leprechaun figurines or images to add a touch of whimsy.

Don’t forget about pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can create these using gold chocolate coins and small black pots. These can serve as both decorations and treats for your guests.

Trick 2: Traditional Irish Food

Food is at the heart of any celebration, and Saint Patrick’s Day is no different. To make your celebration special, consider preparing traditional Irish dishes. Ireland’s cuisine is known for its hearty and comforting dishes, perfect for a festive gathering.

Start with a classic Irish stew, made with lamb, potatoes, and carrots. This dish is a staple in Irish households and is sure to warm the hearts of your guests.

Saint Patrick's day Traditional Irish Food

Another popular dish is corned beef and cabbage, a meal that has become synonymous with Saint Patrick’s Day in many parts of the world. Don’t forget about soda bread, a simple yet delicious bread that pairs well with any meal.

For dessert, consider making an Irish apple cake or a Guinness chocolate cake. These sweet treats will surely leave your guests wanting more.

Trick 3: Irish Drinks

No Saint Patrick’s Day celebration would be complete without a toast to Saint Patrick himself. Ireland is famous for its drinks, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage, consider serving Guinness, a popular Irish stout known for its rich and creamy texture.

Another option is Irish whiskey, which can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail like an Irish coffee.

Saint Patrick's day Traditional Irish Drinks

For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, there are plenty of options as well. Consider making a green smoothie or a shamrock shake. These fun and festive drinks are a great way to incorporate the color green into your celebration.

Trick 4: Dressing Up

Dressing up is a fun and exciting way to get into the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s not just about wearing green, but also about embracing the symbols and themes associated with the holiday. Consider wearing a green outfit or adding a touch of green to your attire.

You could also accessorize with shamrock-shaped jewelry or a leprechaun hat to add a festive touch.

Saint Patrick's day Dressing Up

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not dress up as a leprechaun or a fairy from Irish folklore? This can be a fun activity, especially for children, and can lead to some memorable photo opportunities.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and embrace the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your outfits!

Trick 5: Saint Patrick’s Day Games

Games are a great way to keep the celebration lively and engaging. They not only provide entertainment but also create opportunities for interaction and camaraderie.

For Saint Patrick’s Day, consider organizing games that incorporate Irish culture or Saint Patrick’s Day themes.

For example, you could organize a treasure hunt for a pot of gold, with clues leading to different Irish symbols hidden around your home or yard.

Saint Patrick’s Day Games

Another idea is to have a trivia contest about Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day. This can be a fun and educational activity that can engage people of all ages.

For a more active game, consider a three-legged race or a potato sack race, both of which are traditional Irish games.

These games can bring out the competitive spirit in your guests and make your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration unforgettable.

Trick 6: Learning about Irish Culture

Understanding the culture behind the celebration can make Saint Patrick’s Day more meaningful.

Ireland has a rich history and vibrant culture that extends beyond leprechauns and shamrocks. Consider learning about Irish history, folklore, music, and literature.

You could read a book by an Irish author, watch a documentary about Ireland’s history, or listen to traditional Irish music.

Learning about Irish Culture

This cultural immersion can deepen your appreciation for Saint Patrick’s Day and make your celebration more authentic.

Trick 7: Community Involvement

Saint Patrick’s Day is not just about individual celebration; it’s about community. In Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is a communal celebration with parades, festivals, and community events.

Even if you’re celebrating at home, you can still involve your community. Consider organizing a virtual Saint Patrick’s Day event, where you and your neighbors can share your celebrations.

Saint Patrick's Day Community Involvement

You could also participate in a local Saint Patrick’s Day parade or volunteer at a community event. This sense of community can make your Saint Patrick’s Day special and unforgettable.


Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day can be a memorable experience with the right preparation and spirit.

By incorporating themed decorations, traditional Irish food, Irish drinks, dressing up, engaging in games, learning about Irish culture, and involving the community, you can make this Saint Patrick’s Day very special and unforgettable.

These seven tricks are not just ways to celebrate a holiday, but also opportunities to embrace and appreciate Irish culture and create lasting memories. So, gear up and get ready to make this Saint Patrick’s Day a day to remember!


What is the significance of the color green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

The color green is significant on Saint Patrick’s Day as it represents Ireland, also known as the “Emerald Isle” due to its lush green landscapes. It’s also said to symbolize the green shamrock that Saint Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity.

Can I celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day if I’m not Irish?

Absolutely! Saint Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture. It’s an opportunity for everyone to learn about and appreciate Ireland’s rich heritage. It’s a day of unity and celebration, regardless of one’s cultural background.

What are some Irish songs I can play during my Saint Patrick’s Day celebration?

Some popular Irish songs include “Danny Boy,” “The Fields of Athenry,” and “Molly Malone.” Playing Irish music can add an authentic touch to your celebration. These songs capture the spirit of Ireland and its people, making them perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

How can I make my Saint Patrick’s Day celebration kid-friendly?

You can include activities such as crafting shamrock decorations, baking green cookies, or reading Irish folktales. These activities can be both fun and educational for kids. They also provide a great way to engage children in the celebration and teach them about Irish culture.

What are some good resources to learn about Irish history and culture?

Books, documentaries, and websites can provide valuable information about Irish history and culture. Libraries and cultural centers may also offer resources and events related to Saint Patrick’s Day. These resources can provide a deeper understanding of the traditions and significance of the holiday.

How can I make my Saint Patrick’s Day celebration eco-friendly?

You can use reusable decorations, serve locally sourced food, and encourage recycling during your celebration. This can help reduce the environmental impact of your event. Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in an eco-friendly way allows you to honor Irish culture while also respecting the environment.

What are some ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day virtually?

You can host a virtual party, organize an online game night, or even conduct a virtual tour of Ireland. These activities can help you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day while maintaining social distancing. Virtual celebrations can be just as fun and memorable as in-person ones.

What are some traditional Irish blessings or toasts for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Traditional Irish blessings and toasts, such as “May the road rise to meet you” or “Sláinte,” can add a touch of authenticity to your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. These expressions carry deep cultural significance and can bring a sense of Irish tradition to your celebration.