Princess Kate Receives Warm Tribute at St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Watch Video)

While Princess Kate couldn’t attend this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade due to her recent surgery, the Irish Guards made sure she felt celebrated.

The Princess, who holds the honorary title of Colonel of the Irish Guards, was absent from the traditional Sunday parade in Aldershot.

In her place, Lady Ghika, wife of Lieutenant Colonel Major General Sir Christopher Ghika, presented a shamrock to the regiment’s mascot, Seamus the dog.

Despite her absence, the Irish Guards paid a special tribute to their Colonel.

A Look Back and a Special Message

This year marked the first time in nearly a decade that Princess Kate missed the parade, which honors Ireland’s patron saint. She’s held the prestigious Colonel title since King Charles’ ascension in 2023, taking over from her husband Prince William.

Though physically absent, the Princess and Prince shared a joint message on social media to celebrate with the Irish Guards and everyone marking the occasion.

Their message, “Happy St Patrick’s Day! Here’s a sneak peak of the Irish Guards rehearsing for their annual parade. Sláinte to all those celebrating today!”, was accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the parade preparations.

While details surrounding her surgery remain private, the Princess’ message suggests she’s on the mend and in good spirits.

This heartwarming tribute by the Irish Guards shows the strong bond between the Princess and her regiment. We wish Princess Kate a full and speedy recovery!