Things To Do In London This Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend (March 15 – 17)

Key information

Date: Sunday 17 March 2024

Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Venue: Trafalgar Square, ending at Whitehall

Saint Patrick’s Day, a cultural and religious celebration held on the 17th of March, is a public holiday in Ireland. But the festivities are not limited to Ireland. London, a city known for its multicultural celebrations, hosts a variety of events to celebrate this Irish festival. This guide will provide you with a detailed list of activities to do in London this Saint Patrick’s weekend.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is a major highlight of the celebrations in London. The parade starts at Piccadilly Circus at 12 noon and passes through some of London’s most iconic landmarks like The Ritz, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square, ending at Whitehall around 3 pm.

The parade features a vibrant display of Irish culture with floats representing different Irish counties, marching bands playing traditional Irish tunes, and groups performing traditional Irish dances. The streets are filled with people wearing green, the color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, making it a lively and colorful event.

Irish Film Festival

The Irish Film Festival London runs throughout Saint Patrick’s weekend. The festival showcases the best of Irish cinema, with a mix of feature films, short films, and documentaries. The films are screened at various venues across London, including the Regent Street Cinema and the Prince Charles Cinema.

The festival is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Irish storytelling and cinema. It features post-screening Q&A sessions with directors and actors, giving you a chance to delve deeper into the themes and stories of the films.

Traditional Irish Music Sessions

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations would be incomplete without traditional Irish music. Many pubs across London host live music sessions featuring traditional Irish tunes. These sessions are often impromptu, with musicians joining in with their instruments.

Some notable pubs for traditional Irish music include The Auld Shillelagh in Stoke Newington, known for its lively atmosphere and authentic Irish music sessions, and The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, which hosts a traditional Irish music session every Sunday.

Irish Food Market

The Irish Food Market is a must-visit for food lovers. The market features stalls selling traditional Irish food and drink. You can try a variety of dishes, from traditional Irish stew and soda bread to modern Irish cuisine.

The market also features stalls selling Irish whiskey and craft beers. And for dessert, you can try some Bailey’s cheesecake or a slice of Guinness cake. The Irish Food Market is a great place to experience the flavors of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day Run

For those who prefer a more active celebration, the Saint Patrick’s Day run is a fun way to celebrate. The run takes place in Hyde Park, one of London’s largest and most famous parks. Participants are encouraged to wear green and there are prizes for the best costumes.

The run is open to all ages and abilities, and it’s a great way to enjoy the city’s scenery while keeping fit. After the run, participants can enjoy a well-deserved pint of Guinness at one of the many pubs in the area.


Saint Patrick’s Day in London is a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. It’s a day to enjoy Irish music, food, and film, and to participate in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade and run. So, put on something green and join in the fun this weekend!

Remember, Saint Patrick’s Day is not just about the parades and the parties. It’s a day to celebrate Irish culture and heritage and to appreciate the contributions of the Irish community to London and the world. So, let’s raise a toast to Saint Patrick and celebrate the spirit of Ireland!