Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration In Russia 2024 ☘️

Saint Patrick’s Day, a cultural and religious celebration held on the 17th of March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland, has transcended its Irish roots to become a global phenomenon. While it may seem unusual to associate this Irish holiday with Russia, the reality is that Saint Patrick’s Day has found its way into the hearts of the Russian people.

Table of Events and Parades

The Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Russia in 2024 is set to be an exciting one, with a variety of events and parades scheduled throughout the country. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the events you can look forward to:

Event NameLocationDateTime
Saint Patrick’s Day ParadeMoscow City CenterMarch 17, 202410:00 AM
Irish Music FestivalSaint PetersburgMarch 16-18, 2024All Day
Traditional Irish Dance ShowNovosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet TheatreMarch 17, 20247:00 PM
Irish Film ScreeningMoscow Cinema CenterMarch 15-20, 2024Various Times
Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration in Russia

Details of Events and Parades

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Moscow

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is a highlight of the celebrations in Moscow. The parade route winds through the city center, featuring floats, marching bands, and participants dressed in green. It’s a spectacle not to be missed, with the festive atmosphere, lively music, and vibrant displays embodying the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Irish Music Festival in Saint Petersburg

The Irish Music Festival in Saint Petersburg is a three-day event that showcases the best of Irish music. From traditional folk tunes to contemporary Irish rock, the festival offers a variety of performances to suit all musical tastes.

Traditional Irish Dance Show in Novosibirsk

The Traditional Irish Dance Show at the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is a must-see. The show features talented dancers performing traditional Irish dances, complete with authentic costumes and music.

Irish Film Screening in Moscow

The Irish Film Screening at the Moscow Cinema Center is a week-long event that features a selection of Irish films. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Irish culture and cinema.

Specific Places to Visit

  • Moscow City Center: The heart of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • Saint Petersburg Music Venues: The home of the Irish Music Festival.
  • Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre: The venue for the Traditional Irish Dance Show.
  • Moscow Cinema Center: The location for the Irish Film Screening.

Routes to Take

  • For the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, follow the crowd to the Moscow City Center.
  • To attend the Irish Music Festival, take the metro to the music venues in Saint Petersburg.
  • The Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is easily accessible by public transport.
  • The Moscow Cinema Center is located in the city center and can be reached by metro.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • O’Hara Pub: Known for its traditional Irish food and live music.
  • Shamrock Bar: Offers a wide selection of Irish beers and whiskeys.
  • Patrick’s Restaurant: Famous for its Irish stew and warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • The Harp and Fiddle: A popular spot for post-parade celebrations.


Apart from the events and parades, there are many other forms of entertainment to enjoy during the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Street performers, live music at pubs, and themed parties at local clubs are just a few examples.

Tips to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

  • Wear green: It’s the color of the day!
  • Try traditional Irish food and drink: Don’t miss out on Irish stew or a pint of Guinness.
  • Join in the festivities: Attend a parade, watch a dance show, or listen to some Irish music.
  • Learn about Irish culture: Use this opportunity to learn more about Irish history and traditions.

Best Things to Do

  • Join the Parade: Participating in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade is a must. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.
  • Attend the Irish Music Festival: Enjoy a variety of Irish music performances at the festival in Saint Petersburg.
  • Watch the Traditional Irish Dance Show: Experience the beauty and energy of traditional Irish dance at the show in Novosibirsk.
  • Visit Irish Pubs: Experience the authentic Irish pub culture by visiting places like O’Hara Pub and Shamrock Bar.
  • Explore Irish Cinema: Attend the Irish film screening at the Moscow Cinema Center to get a taste of Irish cinema.

Food to Eat

  • Irish Stew: A hearty dish made with meat, potatoes, and carrots. It’s a staple of Irish cuisine.
  • Soda Bread: A type of quick bread that uses baking soda as a leavening agent. It’s often served with butter or jam.
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage: A classic Irish dish, perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day meal.
  • Boxty: A traditional Irish potato pancake. It can be served with a variety of toppings.


  • Guinness: This dark Irish stout is synonymous with Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s rich, creamy, and perfect for toasting.
  • Irish Coffee: A comforting drink made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with cream.
  • Baileys Irish Cream: A creamy liqueur made from Irish whiskey and cream. It can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails.
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey: A smooth and versatile whiskey that’s great for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Other Details

Remember, Saint Patrick’s Day is not just about the parades and parties. It’s a day to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. So, take the time to learn about Irish history, listen to Irish music, and maybe even pick up a few words of the Irish language.


Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration in Russia in 2024 promises to be a memorable event filled with fun, laughter, and a whole lot of green. Whether you’re marching in the parade, dancing to Irish tunes, or enjoying a pint of Guinness, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate. So, don your green attire, embrace the Irish spirit, and have a fantastic Saint Patrick’s Day!


When is Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated?

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17th.

What is the significance of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Why do people wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Green is associated with Ireland, which is often referred to as the “Emerald Isle”. Wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day is a way to show solidarity and celebrate Irish culture.