Wicklow St Patrick’s Day parades 2024: Your Guide To Events Throughout The County

Get ready to paint the town green! St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and County Wicklow is gearing up for a week of festivities unlike any other.

From lively parades to traditional music sessions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But with so many parades happening across the county, how do you decide which one to attend?

Festive Fun for All Ages

This year, Wicklow’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations promise an explosion of color, music, and cultural pride. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, here’s your guide to the biggest parades happening across the county:

Arklow St Patrick’s Day details

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Arklow’s parade, kicking off at 2:00 pm on the town’s Main Street.

Arklow St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Watch as colorful floats, marching bands, and local performers weave their way through the crowds, culminating at the viewing stand in Arklow’s Parade Ground.

Aughrim St Patrick’s Day details

Get your day started early at Aughrim’s festivities, commencing at 11:00 am at Tinakilly Bridge. The parade winds its way towards the Pavillion & GAA Grounds, promising a lively atmosphere and a true taste of Irish cheer.

Aughrim St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Bray St Patrick’s Day details

Experience the energy of Bray’s renowned parade, starting at 2:00 pm. Witness a kaleidoscope of floats, marching bands, and cultural groups as they snake their way through the town center. Don’t forget to wear your green and join the jubilant crowds!

Bray St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Greystones St Patrick’s Day details

Join the coastal charm of Greystones’ parade, setting off at 11:00 am from the Mill Road Roundabout. The parade winds its way down to South Beach, then continues along Main Street, offering stunning coastal views alongside the festive spirit.

Greystones St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Rathdrum St Patrick’s Day details

Step back in time at Rathdrum’s parade, starting at 12:00 pm from Avon Motors. The parade winds through the historic town center, showcasing local talent and celebrating Irish heritage.

Rathdrum St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Wicklow Town St Patrick’s Day details

Wrap up your St. Patrick’s Day with Wicklow Town’s vibrant parade, commencing at 3:15 pm from Station Road. The parade flows along Main Street, culminating in a grand finale at Wicklow Gaol.

Wicklow Town St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Beyond the Parades

While the parades are a highlight, Wicklow offers a plethora of St. Patrick’s Day experiences:

Live Music

Pubs and venues across the county will be pulsating with traditional Irish music sessions throughout the week. Grab a pint of Guinness and tap your feet to lively jigs and reels!

Family Activities

Many towns host family-friendly events, including face painting, craft workshops, and traditional Irish dance demonstrations.

Food & Drink

Savor the best of Irish cuisine! Sample delicious stews, soda bread, and local seafood delicacies at restaurants and pubs across Wicklow.

Plan Your Perfect Wicklow St. Patrick’s Day

With so much to see and do, here are some tips to plan your Wicklow St. Patrick’s Day adventure:

Planning for St Patrick’s Day parades 2024

Choose Your Parade

Consider the parade times and locations that best suit your schedule and interests.

Book Your Accommodation

Wicklow tends to get booked up around St. Patrick’s Day, so reserve your hotel or rental property well in advance.

Embrace the Spirit

Wear your green with pride, learn a few basic Irish phrases (“Erin Go Braugh” – Ireland Forever!), and be prepared to join in the fun!

Get ready for an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day experience in Wicklow! With its captivating parades, vibrant atmosphere, and warm Irish hospitality, County Wicklow promises to make your celebration truly special.