Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day In Cleveland, Ohio 2024

Every year on March 17th, the world turns a little greener as people across the globe celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. But there’s something special about how this day is celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio.

Known for its vibrant Irish community, Cleveland transforms into a hub of Irish culture and festivity, offering a unique blend of tradition and fun.

The History of Saint Patrick’s Day in Cleveland

Cleveland’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is steeped in rich history and tradition. The city’s first recorded Saint Patrick’s Day parade took place in the 19th century, and it has grown in size and popularity ever since.

Today, it’s one of the largest Saint Patrick’s Day parades in the United States, drawing crowds of locals and visitors alike.

The parade is organized by the United Irish Societies of Greater Cleveland, a group dedicated to preserving and promoting Irish culture in the region.

Over the years, the parade has featured everything from traditional Irish music and dance to civic pride and community spirit displays.

The Parade: A Spectacle of Irish Pride

The heart of Cleveland’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is undoubtedly the parade. Each year, the streets of downtown Cleveland come alive with the sounds of bagpipes and the sight of green as far as the eye can see.

The parade showcases the city’s Irish pride with a procession of floats, bands, and community groups.

The parade route winds through the city, allowing spectators to glimpse the spectacle from various vantage points. It’s a sight to behold, with participants decked out in elaborate costumes, traditional Irish attire, and plenty of green.

Saint Patrick’s Day events in Cleveland

Feb 24, 2024Kilts and Kegs 2024Collision Bend Brewing CompanyTBA
Mar 9, 2024The Boys from the County HellMusic Box Supper ClubTBA
Mar 9, 2024Shamrock Stumble Bar CrawlThe Velvet DogTBA
Mar 16, 2024Marys LaneMusic Box Supper ClubTBA
Mar 16, 2024POUND & POURGoldhorn BreweryTBA
Mar 16, 202445th Annual St. Malachi Church Run/WalkSt. Malachi ParishTBA
Mar 17, 2024Jameson Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day RunWarehouse District ClevelandTBA
Mar 17, 2024Cleveland St Patrick’s Day ParadeStarts at E. 18th St. & Superior Ave1:04 PM

Irish Music and Dance: The Soul of the Celebration

No Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Cleveland would be complete without the lively tunes of Irish music and the rhythmic steps of traditional Irish dance.

Local bands and dance schools often participate in the parade, providing authentic and engaging entertainment.

From the upbeat melodies of the fiddle and the bodhrán (an Irish drum) to the intricate footwork of the jigs and reels, these performances are a testament to Cleveland’s rich Irish heritage.

They not only entertain but also educate spectators about the cultural traditions of Ireland.

Food and Drink: A Taste of Ireland in Cleveland

Saint Patrick’s Day in Cleveland is not just about the parade and performances; it’s also a culinary celebration.

The city’s Irish pubs and restaurants go all out, offering special menus that feature traditional Irish fare.

From hearty Irish stew and corned beef to soda bread and Guinness-infused dishes, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

And of course, no Saint Patrick’s Day would be complete without a pint of Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness.

Community Spirit: Coming Together to Celebrate

One of the most remarkable aspects of Saint Patrick’s Day in Cleveland is the sense of community it fosters.

People of all ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate, creating a festive atmosphere that’s hard to match.

The day is marked by community events and gatherings, from family-friendly activities to charity fundraisers. It’s a day when Clevelanders show their community spirit, and their Irish pride, in full force.

The Aftermath: Keeping the Spirit Alive

While Saint Patrick’s Day is officially celebrated on March 17th, the spirit of the holiday lingers in Cleveland long after the parade has ended.

The memories of the music, the dance, the food, and the camaraderie remain, keeping the Irish spirit alive.

Local Irish societies and organizations continue to host events and activities throughout the year, ensuring that the city’s Irish heritage is celebrated beyond just one day.

From Irish language classes to traditional music sessions, these events offer a way for Clevelanders to stay connected to their Irish roots.


From its historic parade to its lively music and dance performances, from its delicious Irish fare to its strong sense of community, Saint Patrick’s Day in Cleveland is truly a celebration like no other.

It’s a day when the city’s Irish heritage shines brightest, bringing together people of all backgrounds in a shared celebration of culture and community.

Whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-time visitor, experiencing Saint Patrick’s Day in Cleveland is sure to leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the city’s rich Irish heritage. So, mark your calendars for March 17th and join in the celebration!