10 St. Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas to Wear in March 2024 ☘️

Get ready to pinch those who forget to wear green this St. Patrick’s Day! But beyond just a green t-shirt, why not extend the festive cheer to your fingertips with some creative nail art? Whether you’re a nail art enthusiast or prefer a simple design, there’s a perfect St. Patrick’s Day manicure waiting for you.

Here are 10 ideas to inspire your next St. Patty’s Day nails:

1. Green Glitter Nails

Sparkle and shine with a classic emerald green covered in shimmering green glitter. This festive look is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of glam to their St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Image of Green Glitter Nails

2. Abstract Green Nail Art

Feeling creative? Let your imagination run wild with abstract green nail art. Use different shades of green polish to create swirls, splatters, or any other design that speaks to you.

Image of Abstract Green Nail Art

3. Solid Olive Green Nails

For a more understated look, opt for a solid olive green manicure. This sophisticated shade is perfect for the office or a casual get-together.

Image of Solid Olive Green Nails

4. Chartreuse Mismatch Nails

Embrace the trend of mismatched nails with a playful mix of chartreuse green and other vibrant hues. This is a great way to show off your personality and love for color.

Image of Chartreuse Mismatch Nails

5. Groovy Green Nails

Take a trip back in time with groovy green nails inspired by the 70s. Use a combination of lime green, forest green, and white polishes to create a funky, retro design.

Image of Groovy Green Nails

6. Bright Green Water Marble Nails

Channel the magic of Ireland with mesmerizing water marble nails in shades of green. This technique creates a swirling, ethereal effect that’s both beautiful and unique.

Image of Bright Green Water Marble Nails

7. Mint Ombre Nails

Create a soft and elegant look with a mint green ombre manicure. This is a perfect choice for those who want a subtle nod to the holiday.

Image of Mint Ombre Nails

8. Green Mix-n-Match Nails

Don’t have time for intricate nail art? No problem! Simply paint each nail a different shade of green for a fun and festive mix-and-match look.

Image of Green MixnMatch Nails

9. Green Aura Nails

For a mystical touch, try green aura nails. Use a light green polish as a base and then layer on a sheer white polish to create a soft, ethereal glow.

Image of Green Aura Nails

10. Green Skittle Square Nails

Give the classic French manicure a St. Patrick’s Day twist with green tips. This playful design is perfect for those who want a touch of color without going overboard.

Image of Green Skittle Square Nails


There you have it! With these 10 St. Patrick’s Day nail art ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect design to celebrate the holiday in style. From classic green glitz to funky 70s vibes and mesmerizing water marbles, there’s something for everyone. So get creative, have fun, and don’t forget to pinch those who forget to wear green!