Erin Express Got Rid Of Its Bus And Is No Longer Free. Some Say It’s Still Among The Best Bar Crawls In Town

The Philadelphia bar crawl scene just got a shakeup! Erin Express, a long-time favorite for pub crawlers, has ditched their signature party bus and switched to a paid ticket system. But is this the end of an era?

Erin Express: A Change of Pace

For years, Erin Express has been the go-to for a fun and (mostly) free way to explore Philly’s nightlife. Their iconic green bus shuttled bar-hoppers from spot to spot, drinks included in the price. 

However, according to recent news, the bus is being parked, and Erin Express is now charging a fee for their curated bar crawl experience.

Is Erin Express Still Worth It?

While some might mourn the free bus, loyal Erin Express fans are wondering: is the bar crawl still worth it? Here’s why it might be:

  • Bar hopping made easy: Even without the bus, Erin Express still takes the guesswork out of your night. They handle the planning, picking out a lineup of bars with exclusive drink deals and cover charges (often at popular spots).
  • Safety in numbers: Pub crawls can be a safer way to explore the nightlife, especially for larger groups or those unfamiliar with the area. Erin Express provides a sense of community and eliminates the hassle of navigating between bars.
  • Still affordable: Though not free anymore, Erin Express might be a budget-friendly option compared to hitting the bars solo. The pre-negotiated drink deals and cover charges could add up to savings.

The Verdict? It Depends

The new Erin Express might not be for everyone.  If the free bus and open bar were the main drawers, you might look elsewhere.

But for those who value a well-planned pub crawl experience with drink specials and a group atmosphere, the paid Erin Express might still be the king of the bar crawl scene.

Thinking of trying Erin Express?  Do your research! Check their website or social media for updated information on pricing, participating bars, and crawl themes.

So, will you be trying the new Erin Express? Let us know in the comments below!