Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With A Visit To Dublin’s Best Spots For Great Irish Food

The shamrocks are sprouting, the Guinness is flowing, and Dublin is gearing up for a phenomenal St. Patrick’s Day celebration! But amidst the festive cheer, where can you find the best Irish food to tantalize your taste buds?

Fret not, fellow foodie – this blog will be your lucky charm, guiding you to Dublin’s hidden gems and iconic haunts that dish up the most delectable Irish fare.

L. Mulligan Grocers

Kickstart your St. Patrick’s Day festivities with a hearty Irish breakfast at L. Mulligan Grocers. This quirky store-cum-cafe boasts a charming atmosphere and an extensive breakfast menu.

L. Mulligan Grocers

Tuck into a plate piled high with sausages, rashers (Irish bacon), fried eggs, soda bread, and baked beans – the perfect fuel for a day of exploring Dublin’s sights.

The Brazen Head

Steeped in over 800 years of history, The Brazen Head is a Dublin institution. Soak up the traditional pub atmosphere while savoring a pint of Guinness and a plate of their legendary Irish stew.

The Brazen Head

Made with slow-cooked tender lamb and seasonal vegetables, this dish is a true embodiment of Irish comfort food.

The Church Restaurant

For a contemporary take on Irish classics, head to The Church Restaurant. Located in a stunning converted church building, this gastropub offers a delectable menu that showcases the finest seasonal Irish produce.

The Church Restaurant

Think succulent roast lamb with creamy colcannon (mashed potato with kale) or melt-in-your-mouth braised beef with Guinness sauce.

Keogh’s Cafe

Venture off the beaten tourist path and discover Keogh’s Cafe, a local favorite renowned for its authentic Irish grub.

Keogh's Cafe

This no-frills eatery offers generous portions of classic dishes like shepherd’s pie, a rich casserole made with minced lamb, mashed potato, and vegetables. Don’t forget to try their homemade brown bread – it’s simply divine!

The Furey Family Restaurant

For a truly immersive St. Patrick’s Day experience, head to The Furey Family Restaurant. This family-run establishment combines live traditional Irish music with a delicious menu of Irish staples.

The Furey Family Restaurant

Sing along to lively jigs and reels while indulging in a steaming bowl of seafood chowder or a juicy steak and Guinness pie.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Miss the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

No trip to Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day is complete without witnessing the city’s vibrant parade. Witness a spectacular display of Irish culture, with colorful floats, lively marching bands, and traditional Irish dancers making their way through the streets.

So, this St. Patrick’s Day, ditch the tourist traps and embark on a delicious culinary adventure through Dublin. With a bit of planning and this handy guide, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to celebrate with a taste of true Irish tradition.


St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is more than just parades and green beer. It’s an opportunity to explore the city’s rich culinary scene and savor the flavors of traditional and contemporary Irish cuisine. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate by treating your taste buds to Dublin’s best food spots.

Remember, the best way to experience a culture is through its food. And there’s no better time to do so than on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. Sláinte!